Do you want to buy an oil field?

Are you sure that the geology and
history of development correspond to its cost?

Is there a potential to increase production?
If so, which exactly?
What amount of resources will be needed for this?

The expert assessment of fields became obsolete
Before buying an oil field, refer to a Teics representative Mikhail Fokin - Chief Executive Officer We have experience of working both with brownfields with a 60-year history of production and hundreds of wells, and very young fields under operation during only one year with only 3 wells drilled. There is a possibility to enhance the current plans and optimize the development in each case. We propose: 1 Estimating a real picture of reserves Different interpretation of seismic gives a different picture of reserves. We will determine the most trustworthy information together. 2 Calculating the future production with high quality Whether we maximize daily production for the nearest years or put a goal to increase overall production per each well – Teics forecast will ensure high convergence with actual data. 3 Gently increasing production Teics will point out how to re-adjust the current system of development to reduce water cut and increase oil production using the least expensive methods. 4 Establishing a long-term relationship Teics is ready to carry out training and briefing of employees for regular selection of well intervention techniques in the future or establishing a relationship following a service model.
Buy an oil field with an expert assessment Buy an oil field with Teics Relatively fast. An opinion can be formed for 5-7 days. With a thorough manual analysis for 1-2 months. Uses common data or about 20% of all accumulated information. All conclusions and assessments are based on the accumulated information without a serious revision of input data. It will take from 1 to 2 months with a calculation of all possible production scenarios. On average, we use about 80% of all information accumulated during field development. We will clean input historical data from a human factor (distortions and manipulations with data) in a robotic mode. We will calculate thousands of potential development scenarios automatically, with selection of an optimal solution according to the specified intentions. A program of well intervention techniques and other measures optimizing production and reducing expenses as an inherent part of the field purchase plan will be included in the expert assessment.
Make Teics’ advantages be your own. Only precise data.
Reduce expenses for the development of oil fields by 40-45% or 10 000 to 70 000 USD per year for each operating well. See a project in the Nizhnevartovsk Region See a project in the Surgut Region Increase an oil recovery factor for your field from average values to 0.43 and more See a project in the Perm Territory Do not make mistakes in your forecast of parameters for new wells by more than 27% See a project in Udmurtia Separate and use the most reliable data if there are several cases of research contradicting one to another See a project in the Urals-Volga Region Increase daily production to 70% over the base without using “heavy” well intervention techniques: new drilling and hydraulic fracturing See a project in West Siberia