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Nest Lab changes its name to Teics

15 July 2020
Read 5 minutes

In 2018 the Nest Lab team decided to shift the priority of the company from service to software development and implementation. A new commercial model required complete revision of the product, its presentation and plans of further implementation.

In particular, one of the most important aspects of the new Nest Lab strategy became extension of laboratory intellectual rights. As of today, our trade mark implies rendering services in the sphere of oil and gas production. Meanwhile, the right to sell software with a trade name Nest Labs, Inc. is registered for Google. In order to find a way out of a conflict of interests possible in the future, LLC Nest Lab has made a decision about rebranding. 

“Such a move allowed us to select a name unique in the market and protect our intellectual rights – to prepare to a new model of relations with clients all over the world. Besides, we revised the core of our software drastically, fully updated our website and transferred it to a new domain name: www.teics.com. Of course, you can get to the website of the robotized laboratory through the old domain as well: www.nestlab.ru. Now we really worry that many people already know the name Nest Lab and will not be able to identify Teics as our team immediately”, shared Mikhail Fokin, Teics Director.

“Appearance of a subscription model does not rule out a possibility of working with Teics following a service model. Besides, we added a possibility to register for an advance training course, prepared a description of a partnership program and added a possibility for the owners or future owners of oil assets to estimate the potential of their fields with a low error using our methodologies. And finally, the most important thing – a demo access to Teics One (the name of Teics software product) can be obtained directly from the company website”, noted Timur Imaev, Teics Marketing Director.

A special mentioning should be made of a portfolio of the laboratory for oil field robotic development, which has been supplemented with the latest projects. Earlier we published information about two key Teics cases. Now the portfolio of the company contains six very different projects with invariably high practical results.

If our meticulous work for the creation of the most effective software product for the development of oil fields has a resonance with you, write to us or call us. We are always glad to see your applications and comments!