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Positive expert opinions from Skolkovo

25 March 2016
Read 3 minutes

Total score after voting was 24:6 in favor of Nest Lab. The Fund’s direction is named: “Strategic computer technology and software”.

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The Nest Lab CMO, Timur Imaev says: “We were very glad to know that. No one from our team dreamed to join Skolkovo’s ecosystem so soon, but now everything happens so rapidly! We heard usually candidates loose about 5-6 attempts to join Innovation Center, but we achieved it with only 3 attempts.”


To become a part of Skolkovo is an important goal for every young company in Russia. There are different kinds of support giving to innovation companies from the Fund, but the main thing is that Government trusts the companies from Skolkovo giving them an advantage in realizing the products.

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“There are some formal procedures only to register Nest Lab in Skolkovo Innovation Center. The biggest step was already done”, – concludes his speech Timur.