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Trialing Nest in Ural-Volga region

19 February 2017
Read 3 minutes

Nest Lab started new trials of Nest (Big Data software for oilfield development) in Ural-Volga region. There is a new scheme to test the robotized software comparing to previous tests in West Siberia. Not all data collected will be loaded Nest immediately this time, but only part of it until the last year. The last-year-data will be used to analyze the quality of Nest’s appreciations.

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“This way we spend less time on trialing”, – says Mikhail Fokin, CEO Nest Lab. – “After panel discussion with our colleagues we understood that all tests will take about six months in this case instead of 12-18 months. It is great that the oilfield companies offer us to try new variants, it is a good mark for us.”

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As the previous trials, the new trial will show the advantages of robotized oilfield development numerically.